Volare Magazine is a fictional inflight magazine created for KLM. This product was created as a part of Hogeschool Utrecht design course. This magazine was created for potential clients flying from Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro. For our client we chose a minimalistic but at the same time very professional and modern style to present different activities for their holidy in Rio de Janeiro.


For this project I worked as a main graphic designer as well as took part of the art director job.




This creative collage and political posters are part of a book production that was produced in Digital Design course at Pace University, New york. The concept of the book was to combine elements that might be misleading or very mysterious to keep the message of the book secret. We designed a secret code and wrote a secret message with them inside the posters to present our political opinions.

I was part of working on the overall design and layout of the book, as well as creating art works inside the book. Here I have presented some of the works I made for the book.


An Apology to 2489 is a personal artist book that was designed and produced entirely by me. The idea behind the book was to design visual contrasts between elements and objects. For this artist book I got my inspiration from the environmental changes, and wanted to create visuals where beautiful landscape is in contrast with harsh pictures of people, trash and buildings. Since this is an apology to 2489, I wanted to create designs that visualise how the world could look like in the future if it came to an end due to the way people are living now. This book is my first personal artist book that also showcases my skills in design.



This fictional app was created for Netflix series Girlboss as a part of Hogeschool Utrecht Digital Storytelling course. This app is a part of a larger transmedia campaign where the Netflix Series Girlboss is marketed through various channels. The app works as a platform to guide participants of a vintage hunt to locate hidden vintage clothing pieces all over london.


I was responsible of creating the whole app from the beginning till the end which includes planning, designing and creating it.


The combination of beautiful nature, landscape or city with people is something what fascinates me the most. For my photography I try to keep the nordic roots in my mind and make photos which show the beauty of the place and at the same time have a bit of mystique. My photography is mainly focused on nature, portrait and travel photography.



Alec and the pollution monster is an interactive online book for children aged 4 to 8. This book is created to educate children about climate change from a metaphoric perspective. The book is very entertaining with many moving objects and animation. The inspiration for the book came  when I wanted to teach children something important through very appealing and entertaining way while presenting climate change in a form of a metaphor. These metaphors make it easy for children to realise that climate change is something negative and that the bad habits of people is causing it. The illustrations of the book are very minimalistic with full of emotion. This book was created for Hogeschool Utrecht as the final Media Specialisation assignment. I have illustrated and written the complete story and designed a website to present the book in. Below you can see some of the illustrations from the book.



Writing has especially in the past years been quite a big part of me. Throughout my life I kept a diary about my life and I wrote theater plays which I would perform with my siblings every summer, but all the time I wanted to create something more meaningful for me which I could also share with people, even strangers. Nearly four years ago I started my own blog and I have been regularly posting events of my life, my thoughts and my opinions on my blog ever since. Another turn point in my writing skills happened when I took a course of Creative Writing at Hogeschool Utrecht. This was the moment when I realised that I can write, and that I really enjoy it.



"My mind was full of curiosity when I arrived to the fifth floor. After the last step, I gazed upwards and could see big curvy letters ‘Energetica- play with energy’ in front of me. Around the corner something was flashing on and off, like someone left a TV on in a dark room. Before I knew it, my feet were already following the flash. I ended up in an empty and dark exhibition room, where was nothing but a big assortment of lamps of all the sizes I could think of. These lamps would turn on and off at different times and it looked like million fireflies were playing against a night sky. I couldn’t help but stare at this beautiful exhibition the NEMO had built. This was not only science, it was art".